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Riky Rick - Hangout lyrics

[Intro: I see you Speedsta, you k**in' em suhn

I got these girls tryna call me
Looking for a place just to hangout
And all my n***as tryna call me
Looking for these girls just to hangout
I say meet me at the studio ( That's that new hangout )
Meet me at the corner store ( That's that new hangout )
Meet me in the parking lot ( That's that new hangout )
Meet me at the barber shop (That's that new hangout )
Till we black out

Oooooh… Show me what you working with
I have been thinking about how I could wind up in bed and spend all night with you
Show me what you working with
I been tripping at my visions got me wanting spending a night in bed with you

[Verse1:Kid X]
Ngkhuluma kay' one, Yes ay'tshintshi lendaba
Ngcela ukubiz' amatsh**shi nempintshi sithi spheth' amandla-bhonjwana
Ntwana I got your chick mpintshi yao e seng domm mdhala
Ngabe ngithi ukziswi mpintshana
Kaze ngyomcala kwaba khon' utshwala kuqcine kukhonjwana ngthatha konke ne spare wheel
Mangtshontsha nalapho ngcharmana
Kuzokhala abomama bomthandazo, bathi mdrano mdranam
Manj' umdranam is aram uyom' bawa nini

It's only 1 O'clock in the morning
Bodies popping , drinks still flowing
You know it's 5 O'clock in the morning
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One of these girls tryna call me

[Verse2:Riky Rick]
She was riding with her whole crew
And her friend in her mini skirt
Said no man I know you
I said man I didn't
No motherf**er you men did it
Boyz and bucks my hand did it
Yellow bone she can get it
Put it right Phuma Emlazi
Slikour said she with the plaz
I ain't she ain't hit i plaz
If she did I gotta let her go
Then disappear like Drenko
First you gotta sing Umswenko!
Whip It Umswenko!
Whip It Umswenko!
And when my album drops
You better drop it ! Umswenko!
Old girl looks like Pearl Thusi
But she likes to party like Brenda Fa**ie
Yo like Brenda Fa**ie
Yo Uyangithusa
Your new girls looks like Beetlejuice
Speedsta is k**ing the game
I promise you nothing is the same
Tomorrow let's do it again


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