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Riky Rick - Fuseg lyrics

[Hook: Anatii]
I just moved to a island
Mean mug, no smiling
50 n***as behind me
Puffing on Jamaica
You can't ball with my Haitians
Introduce you to your maker (Gridin')
Introduce you to your maker

[Verse 1: Riky Rick]
Okay, nangu uBoss Zonke
Bhek', bhek', bhek', nangu uBoss Zonke
Bathi they balling, I coudn't tell
My hunnies they look like Lizelle
I book them into the hotel
They calling my phone, I switch off my cell
Fuseg! Fuseg! Fuseg!
These b**hes are crazy, abakhuzek'
My n***as are on, abaluzek' x2
f** all this rap sh**, these n***as pretenders
Ngidinga le tender, biza uMalema
And tell him we tryna get rich before December
Eish, mhlawumbe September
I'm chasing this money like I got a temper
Shoutout to Themba, he told me I got this
I still remember
Lalela son, you got a boss
Thina singene nge nkane, thina singene nge force
Don't tell me bout cars, my n***as just bought a bus
Fuseg! Fuseg! Fuseg!
My n***as are on, abaluuzek'
My n***as are crazy, abakhuzek' (x2)
Sidl' ekotin
Cava the ndwango, shoutout my n***as in Lango
Shoutout my n***as in Venda, shoutout to all the Makhados
My n***as they want some more, they tryna fana na lo
Ngithi no! We built this up from the floor
I promised my mama we'd never be poor

[Hook: Anatii]

[Verse 2: Ca**per Nyovest]
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Damn Riky that's a long verse n***a
But enough with the Grams or the burbs n***a
I been in the stu working on a new album
Besides that, I don't wanna hurt n***as
I prefer the liquor, call the girls n***a
Tell them they should come to the burbs with us
I'm a hood n***a, I ain't never gon change
It's JC le Roux over Veuve n***a
n***a, n***a, n***a, n***a
I never had sh**, til I told my story on beats
Now cava what happened, I got a mansion
f** the attention
Ngithi Fuseg! Fuseg! Fuseg!
Ke iketsetsa nthwaka le ntlogele
You don't believe that I'm a ghost huh?
Dumelang ge ke le poke
I'm not a ghost, I'm an animal
Ngwanyana nketsetse plane mo
Carpo swipe-a mo, swipe-a, swipe-a, swipe-a, swipe-a mo
Ra ba rata basadi mos
I'm getting money with my n***as (x2)
Do you know what this remind me of?
I'm getting money with my n***as

[Hook: Anatii]

[Verse 3: Riky Rick]
Having dinner with the Guptas
We was talking bout Lutas
Ain't nobody mention you guys
Getting murdered by the new guys
k**ing n***as with the raps and my motherf**ing new high
Skinny swash n***a, keep it thous' n***a
My n***as are on and we won't let this go
Don't ask me to stop cause you know that I will say no
My n***as are j**ellers we all going gold, platinum (Eish!)
Got n***as that's dying of stress
And I wanna take em out of the hood
But right now giving back is a bit of a stretch
(Eish) I wanna tell my n***as
I can only wish you well my n***as
I'm just tryna keep it real my n***as
Coming up is like hell my n***as, is like hell my n***as

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