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Rihanna - All Up To Me lyrics

I feel like the atmosphere
Is my baby yeah
Glow in the dark love got me far
Not unconditional
I luv to luv ya hun
But I
Its all up to me
Its all up to me
What I need
What I need
Is a lover to love all on me
But no telling me what to do
I ain't your got damn fool
If we play it
We play it cool
So baby follow me into my life
As I love to remind
Its all up to me
Baby its all up to me
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Can't tell me a damn thing
Cause boy I'm grown
As I said
I will cooperate
So lead the way
Its all up to me
Its all up to
You wouldn't have gotten this far
You got to be real
Don't go to damn far
Cause its all about trust
And I guess
I guess I trust you
My mommy said a man is needy
But he can be a freaky
But deep down
They are loving sensitive
But I guess
I guess
I love you

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