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Rihanna - ANTi Hotline Transcript lyrics

"Hello! If you're calling to have something custom made, we offer a number of services. Typically our client comes to me and tells me the same thing - his clothes no longer fit, I want new fabrics, new feelings, new life. Can they change? Can they become? Some can, some can't
We know someone in common, don't we? Our beautiful girl. Through our work she transformed, she cast off the old things that no longer suited her and became free, powerful, she became herself. I saw you last week, you're perfect, my dream client. On the cusp of transforming like she did. It's written all over your face, I can hear it in your breath
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I can help you, when I stop speaking, take the phone from your ear, hang up and look at your reflection in the black screen. You'll see what I see. I'm looking at you right now. I think you're obscured by shadows but ready to be remade... Follow her path. Cast off the things that hold you down. Thank you for calling."

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