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Rihanna - All of the Lights (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Lights on, I see your face
She eat me up, she got expensive taste
I see you dreaming, but you still awake
Big slices, that's how you cut the cake
It's cold as hell, I show and tell
Weezy home, our n***a out of jail!
In this "give or take" world I got what it takes
Put you out your misery: Kathy Bates
I'm Young Money, I'm Cash Money
If we could buy time I'd spend my last money
Now I'm spending time, you in the blind
This little light of mine, I'mma let it shine

Bright lights, night lights, headlights, shh
No lights but them infrared lights
Long life, don't like to ask twice
You k**ing me baby, this the past life

[Hook - Rihanna]
(All of the lights)
Turn up the lights in here, baby
Extra bright, I want y'all to see this
Turn up the lights in here, baby
You know what I need
Want you to see everything
Want you to see all of the lights

[Verse 2 - Big Sean]
Ready, set, go
Go, go, go, go
Go til you can't go no more
I'm ill times ill, dope plus dope
"Westside b**h," quote, unquote
Woah there boy, don't go there ho
If you cross that line I might overload
I swear these lights be talking to me
But I can't read Morse Code
Why every rapper named "Big" got bodied?
But every rapper named "Sean" got money?
Well I guess my chances are 50/50
But my vision is 20/20 so I be counting a hundred 100's
Oh my Allah, Lordy lordy lordy, I took your chick
Now you want beef and I am chuckling like I'm Porky
Cause you spend all day with her spooning
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I spend all night with her forking
There's a one-way ticket to Hell and
They want these bullets to book it for me
I'm sh**ting on every statistic that said I'd be dead or f**in broke
This is history, your kids' kids' kids' kids' kids gonna book report me
And I think they want to murder me
I'm shining hard, because b**h I'm an emergency

[Hook - Rihanna]

[Bridge - Big Sean]

So good, so good, Westside, so hood
I do it.. B. I.... G

[Verse 3 - Drake]
Bad decisions, good intentions, man I'm riding
Weezy with me, I just stepped out of the strip club
Made 5000 look like 50
I spend all my time in Houston, smoke that kush but I don't do Whitney
I don't do Britney, I don't do Lindsay
I made $2 million since last Wednesday
And I hate y'all! Y'all got too much free time
Saying I don't drop sh**, everything gon be fine
Worrying about your own girl, trying to see if she's mine
n***a she's with ME when she tells you she needs some "me time"
It's our time, so f** y'all!
I'm really about to go Spring Break now start taking shots in this muthaf**a
And you didn't have all that a** last month girl
What, you get some shots in this muthaf**a?
Yeah, we got the Roc in this muthaf**a
You thought n***as going pop in this muthaf**a?
Young Money, power, respect in this b**h
You would think we got the LOX in this muthaf**a
I made mistakes, I made some bread
I even made a way for them to get ahead
To my surprise, nobody replacing me
Take Care and Carter IV it won't be long 'til they can see the lights

And I'm on one, I got one
You a p**y n***a, I'm not one
So call it a night, call it a night
And I run this, so y'all know that
I take the purple and pour that
All in the Sprite, all in the Sprite

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