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Rihanna - 187 lyrics

[Produced by Cocaine 808s]

[Verse 1: So, SUPREME]

1-8-7, give a ho a headache
Donald Trump shit bitch, we out here wellin'
Tote a mac 11 even when its after 7
Bought a cigarillo, but they know me so I got to heaven
And I told my fellas, yo wassup nigga, uh, ok
Oh (x2) ok now my status reads aristocrat
I got ice all over my wrist and crap
Money come money go honey kiss my ass
Pull up to the scene like a movie cast
Then I hop out the hooptie bitch I'm bad
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Disappear from the scene where your lady at?
Then I come out of nowhere like a PornHub Ad
Yeah (x2) I know I kinda had to get dirty
Bitch I put on for my city like a motherfucking jersey
We just live to love to lust, baby I just wanna fuck
Sike nah who cares I don't wanna get a nut, but
I've been staying up lately and it feels like its been paying off
Bitch I'm on my job, you got laid off
It ain't Ralph doe, nah this shit Lacoste
Give me Franklin and Hamilton and there go the cost
And I ain't really gave a fuck I'm just all about my mine
She wanna get in my genes I ain't talking science
I said baby you should come through for the night
Cus all i want is a peek at you, and tonight she'll be pokemons
So drop the ball motherfucker its crunch time

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