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Rihanna - 187 lyrics

[Produced by Cocaine 808s]

[Verse 1: So, SUPREME]

1-8-7, give a ho a headache
Donald Trump sh** b**h, we out here wellin'
Tote a mac 11 even when its after 7
Bought a cigarillo, but they know me so I got to heaven
And I told my fellas, yo wa**up n***a, uh, ok
Oh (x2) ok now my status reads aristocrat
I got ice all over my wrist and crap
Money come money go honey kiss my a**
Pull up to the scene like a movie cast
Then I hop out the hooptie b**h I'm bad
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Disappear from the scene where your lady at?
Then I come out of nowhere like a p**nHub Ad
Yeah (x2) I know I kinda had to get dirty
b**h I put on for my city like a motherf**ing jersey
We just live to love to lust, baby I just wanna f**
Sike nah who cares I don't wanna get a nut, but
I've been staying up lately and it feels like its been paying off
b**h I'm on my job, you got laid off
It ain't Ralph doe, nah this sh** Lacoste
Give me Franklin and Hamilton and there go the cost
And I ain't really gave a f** I'm just all about my mine
She wanna get in my genes I ain't talking science
I said baby you should come through for the night
Cus all i want is a peek at you, and tonight she'll be pokemons
So drop the ball motherf**er its crunch time

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