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Rigor Sardonicous are Joseph J. Fogarazzo (vocals/guitar) and Glenn Hampton (ba**) -- two Long Island natives committed to unearthing the darkest, deepest funereal doom sounds imaginable since coming together in 1988. The fact that they've only managed to record two albums (1999's Apocalypsis Damnare and 2004's Principia Sardonica) and one 2002 split EP during the ensuing 18 years is further testament to the uncompromising stance of their self-described "raw apocalyptic doom." This draws inspiration from numerous sources, including the ragged crust of Winter, the grinding rust of Disembowelment, and the terminal rumble of Khanate, and generally requires the use of a drum machine since no human has yet managed to cope for long with their impossibly slothful pace. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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