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Rico Recklezz - Straight up Menace lyrics

[Verse 1: Rico Recklezz]

A f**ed up childhood explains the way I am
A n***a run up on me I'ma motherf**in' blam, foo
30 in the tool even took that b**h to school
You Mr. T I'm paid in full take yo change you lose
I go super saiyan on these tracks just like Goku
No superpowers 30 hangin' out with no curfew
n***as look confused whatcho' a**es wanna prove?
k**as always on time like Ashanti and Ja Rule
Breakin' all the rules 50 stuffed up in the Uz
Flashback, Cook County takin' n***as shoes
Now a days it's free bands crackin' n***as moves
Foe nem still trappin' they got books just like a school
I always wanted to be a gangsta cause' they attitude
I told my mama when I was 10 I'ma make the news
Jeff Fort, Larry Hoover I looked up to them dudes
Flashback 2013 I really made the news

[Verse 2: Rico Recklezz]

Years of my life wasted in the prison
Old heads said I was too wild and I wouldn't listen
sh**, takin' n***as commissary and food from the kitchen
Solitary confinement that was how they treat me
Mama mad no phone calls kids couldn't reach me
Nephew fallin' in my footsteps collect calls from precincts
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I'm a motherf**in' menace locked up in the cage
They k**ed Scrapp and K-Man and I went insane
Heart filled with rage guards know I'm not afraid
Cellie actin' gay slice him wit a razor blade
I'm a walkin' bomb detonate at any day
You lookin' awkward pistol spark like independence day
Now you need a casket and reverend just to say your grace
The same one that k**ed you smiled in yo mama's face
Pistol under my pillow every night I lay
Cuz I'm a motherf**in' menace Recklezz Renegade

[Verse 3: Rico Recklezz]

Out on parole fresh outta prison
Hugged my mama tight and told her that I shoulda listened
Baby mama b**hin PO say I need permission
And my intuition tellin' me that n***as snitchin'
Fake friends still pretendin' beef sh** I'm still in it
I'm tryna stay straight in a world full on sinnin'
Guns money d**, the s** with the women
Violate parole Stateville is where I'm sittin'
Head to the ceiling askin' god for forgiveness
All the wrong I did on my ind reminiscin'
And the food bogus, it's nasty I ain't eatin' it
Meeting with the parole board inmates say I ain't beatin' it
They let a n***a out the very next day
All I can say is thank god, and even the menace pray
All I can say is thank god, and even the menace pray

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