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Rico Recklezz - Shook Ones lyrics

Alright ladies and gentleman you know who's up next
But I still gotta introduce him
Check out our boy Rico motherf**in' Recklezz
Hottest thing smokin' outta Chiraq right now
This boy gotta story to tell the world
Can't wait to tell ya'll he got another one
Well sh** [?], this Chiraq we got the only one
Kush smoke gun smoke as the boy says

[Verse 1: Rico Recklezz]

Lemme tell you bout' this n***a named Joseph
Joseph loved to rob he be goin' around pokin'
One day he poked a n***a wit a real a** bag
A n***a named Pierre who put 50K on his head
Joseph's mama was a cluck, and his daddy was dead
He grew up cookin' for himself mostly bologna and bread
No sister nor a brother Joseph was an only child
Since 12 he been in the streets goin' wild
Joseph started robbin' n***as at the age of 13
Petty stains just to get clothes, shoes and weed
A revolver .38 the only thing that he need
His first body blew a n***a head off with ease
He ain't have many friends till he met young Chris
Chris loved to rob too so they be on the same sh**
Only problem was Chris was in love with a b**h
A busta in the hood they lived in that everybody hit
Joseph met Chris one day comin' home from school
Nobody f**ed with Chris cause' Crhis was new
No books in his book bag in his bag was a tool
Joseph started talkin' to him and they became quite cool
And they both liked to rob man, who woulda knew?
Hangin' wit' each other daily they became a crew
Smokin' weed and robbin' n***as that's what they liked to do
Chris said he had a stain and Joseph said cool
And you already know they ain't f**in' around
They went in the traphouse and came out with some pounds
$20,000 in cash a couple bricks of the brown
Smiled at each other like there's new sheriffs in town
Now they both fresh as f** ridin' foreign
Designer sh** Versace, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Ralph Lauren
They bought a condo together, a little two bedroom
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And nobody f**ed wit' em cause' they knew they was goons
Now these n***as servin' d** and they robbin' the plugs
Poppin' a hunnid f**in' bottles every night at the club
They was f**in' hella hoes they was goin' so crazy
sh** went left so Chris cheated on Stacey
Chris was in love with Stacey but she was a busta
She even tried to f** Joseph that's why he didn't trust her
Chris bought her everything man he spent hella cash
And one night he was gone she gave Joseph some a**
Joseph didn't wanna f** cause' they was home alone
But he was horny and she kept walkin' around in a thong
He kept tryin' not to look cause' he knew it was wrong
But then she started rubbin' on his dick you knew it was on
Man they started on the couch ended up on the floor
Next thing you know my n***a Chris walked through the door
Man he came in and caught they a** right there in action
First thing on his mind grab the pole and start clappin'
You know Joseph from the streets so he picked up his ratchet
Blew Chris a** down like ain't nothin' happened
Now Stacey sittin' there heart-broken
The only n***a that she loved layin' on the ground smokin'
Joseph grabbed his shirt and left like he didn't care
But what he didn't know was Stacey was f**in' Pierre
Pierre was a heavy from out west
Dress pants, button-up with some hair on his chest
The trap Chris and Joseph hit belonged to him
Robbin' him and stayin' alive the chances was slim
Now Chris dead and Joseph all alone
He was horny so he called Stacey up on the phone
He knew he should leave her ratchet a** alone
But she had some wet p**y and some fire a** dome
And I ain't gon' lie man, Stacey was fine
If her a** wasn't a thot then she'd be a dime
He 'posed to meet her at the hotel at quarter to nine
He was thinkin' with his dick he wasn't usin' his mind
Walked in the room he had a funny feelin' in his gut
To no one's surprise Stacey done set him up
He walked in and saw Pierre wit' a couple of goons
Saw the news about the n***a that got k**ed in the room
Can you believe what the b**h Stacey did to a n***a?
Gold diggin' b**h now she like $50 richer
Two n***as got k**ed all because of a b**h
That right there should show you that life ain't sh**

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