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Rico Recklezz - DOA lyrics

First off I ain't scared of no n***a 'cuz only god can k** me

I don't care if you deaf or blind or you blind or deaf paralyzed you gone feel me
I remember plenty nights not having sh** being on a robbing spree

Run up on 'em put the gun up on 'em now his Brains and blood all in the street


Same n***a posted on the block with the 50 cocked now I'm on the TV

And I'm with yo thot getting hella top she say she ain't got a GED

b**h you a lie throat so fye thought you had a degree

b**h, let's get it crackin

Not talking 'bout luggage when I say I'm packin

I'm riding I'm smoking dope bending in traffic

With two bad b**hes n***a Brittany and Jasmine

Yea Brittany and Jasmine I catch a opp lackin I k** him close casket

Now his b**h lost her man and her son is a bastard

I get money fast but I need it faster

Run up on me get pumped just like some asthma

Gun on my waist spit fire I call it dragon

Run up on a n***a blitz him that's john madden

Rollin off beans sippin lean I'm unbalanced

No DJ want drama then I got cannon

She say that I'm fly well b**h I'm never landing

Kush got me high I'm in stars with the planets

Rco don't shoot em' just dropped...gotdamn it

Rico don't shoot em' just dropped

When is the violence gon' drop

Hood just like noodles and pop

Don't call em' 30's they mops

Boy how you talking to cops

Jumping gates chasing down Opps
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k** em' then pistols I swap

'Cuz that muhf**a too hot

Now the whole hood is too hot

Stop tryna be something you not

Know yo role just like the role


The flicka the wrist in the pot

Big guns I do not box

Put yo a** up in a box

Chicago like bulls and white sox

Can't trust these n***as they plot

If you try taking my guap

Rico don't shoot em' he shot

Now his a** need a grave plot

Couple thousand for the watch

Just so the b**hes can jock

Its going down b**h I'm young joc

30's and 50's and jocs

Thug life b**h I'm 2Pac

When I hop out valet park

Still in the hood when its dark

Kush stank smell like a fart

(WHOOP) you look like a narc

Don't let me see you slide at the park

Catch you with kids at the park

Bullets they spark

To the Opps I have no heart
Couple shots rip him apart
Boy you shoulda played it smart [x2]

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