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Rico Recklezz - Rock Da b**h lyrics


Im With The sh**s,If She Rocking Wrong,Then Ill Rock Da b**h (x4)
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Im With the sh**s,and im off da sh**s if she rocking wrong then ill rock the b**h,Our Opp Poles tryna catch us lacking,b**h its team no lackin,so stop the sh**.we got 30 clips with them hollow tips,Load up the chopper then let it rip,We'll let them right up on yo shots up on yo block,ride up on yo block.ya car getting flipped,yall n**s ain't with da sh**s,popping pills,doing hitts,robbing n***as,f**ing hoes,shooting dice,shooting poles.hitting stains,kicking doors,all we know is that gunsmoke,get high off that gunsmoke,getting high off that kush smoke,yo b**h got that good throat,075 posted by the store,all my n***as gone let it blow,Rico Recklezz just to let you know,Catch his a** with the automatic,put him back cappeted,take all his cabbage,we robbing n***as,we got it happening,all my n***as stains,motherf**ing savage


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