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Rico Recklezz - Nosey lyrics

b**h n***a a** ho k** ya pops

(Verse 1)
KALLIE AND ASHLEY IN THIS BITCH YO WE FINNNA POKE YOU I MIGHT JUST NEED A TROPHY, If i catch you lacking, I might eat your diamoinos
And my flow sick, like a n***a finna puke
No I don't hoop, but the fans know I shoot
Tru Religions with the wheat Timbaland boots
Gucci belt, still sagging you know how I do
That mean I'm fly like a motherf**ing parachute
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Glock 40 and I got the parabellum too
So act up and I turn yo head into a soundroof
I f**ed yo b**h and she said she love me on YouTube
Just cause you love this dick ma I cannot make love to you

Nowadays, these n***as so nosey
Well backup cause n***a you don't know me
f**ing all these hoes, I might just need a trophy
Young n***a, still shooting sh** like Kobe

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