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Rico Recklezz - n***az Change lyrics

[Hook x 2]

n***as change over
n***as change over
You wondering why your b**h acting funny
Cause little n***a you ain't got no money

[Verse 1]

Your b**h acting funny n***a, now you mad
You trying smoke a blunt, you shouldn't tryna chase a [...]
s**er motherf**ers make me mad
Always [...] on a n***a, busting on your a**
Instead should be waiting up on a n***a with a mask
Tryna twink his a** down and get all his cash
Scary a** n***a, why your heart beating fast
The loudest n***a in the room always make me laugh
Light his damn a** up like he was in the [...]
Glock longer than a neck on damn Giraffe
[Lyrics from: https:/***az-change.html]
Post it in the motherf**ing [...] like a scarf
You better watch your partner cause I heard he outta here back

[Hook x 2]

[Verse 2]

I heard you snitching on your partner though
Well we gonna pull up with them Choppers then
Same day his name was on a statement, same day that his body hit the pavement
On the block and we pistol waving
Young n***as and they Gang Banging
n***as snitching and they switching sides
Everyday another homicide
n***as change over money
Watch your partner, acting funny
Watch your b**h, she acting funny
They in cahoots for your money

[Hook x 2]

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