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Rico Recklezz - Crank That lyrics

[Hook 2X]
Rico Recklezz in this hoe
50 Clip off in that pole
Watch me cock this motherf**er back and let it blow
Boom (4X)
You ain't no soldier boy (4X)

[Verse 1]
How the f** you a soldier and you ain't never go to war
You n***as gay, SOD; s**ing On Dick, what it stand for
b**h, I'm Rico Recklezz I'm like the boogie man, the Chiraq Landlord
075 Rugaworld free Stain we posted in front of that store
This n***a Soulja been a b**h his whole life, trynna act like he want smoke
Knowing damn well he put up cause' every time he pop out he getting poked
Choppa same size as Lil Mouse he gon' f** around and get smoked
Steady taking pictures with that Draco knowing damn well you don't tote
Better ask around, check my background; I'm a bloodhound for that dough
My n***as clap rounds, you hear that Mac sound; Now your dancing a** on that floor
On the internet talking like a k**er but you super-lock your door
You had a hit, but now you over wit, I wish you won't rap no more
Stay taking n***as rap style
Up in Chiraq, n***a you don't live this live style
Team no lacking b**h, I can't put the pipe down
Headshot will make his corny a** pipe-down
Lil Boosie making sure I wipe the pipe down
Lil Uzi b**h, I'm Money Longer right now
No movie, Freddy Kruger with me right now
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It's Ewol rolling off a pill, drinking brown
Jayden in the cut; Move blow your a** down
You came from Atlanta but I heard you reppin' Cali now
You wearing red so you think you a Blood now
Know some Crips in south-central blow your a** down
In Chiraq location on right now
f** probation, 30 on me, I'm on parole clown
n***as say they balling but they really in the crowd
You swisher sweet and I don't smoke swishers clown
Super-Soaker wet him up, now he need a towel
You washed up, he just made a tape with Bow Wow
Disney Channel a** n***as look like Oscar Proud
Rico Recklezz been dope, you a Black&Mild
Hundred thousand on my head but your check bounced
Go Yayo told me yo scary a** don't leave the house
No recess little boy, I don't play around
Rico Recklezz, keep my name out your f**ing mouth
Fore' I have them Renegades outside your house
One phone call, and [?] cappin' now
$10K, one on one we can fight it out
But my city, you can't come, you ain't welcome now
Glock .23 like Mike, no Bow Wow (X3)
[?] Go to jail before my thot blow you down

Say it n***a
Keep Recklezz Renegade outta your motherf**ing mouth!
Y'all know what the f** it is, you know how we rockin'

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