All Rico Nasty Songs

Songs In album
​¡aquí yo mando! -
13 Minutes Away Sugar Trap
Again Anger Management
Ar-15 -
Arenas Sugar Trap
b**h I'm Nasty Nasty
Back Up -
Bad News -
Big Dick Energy -
Big T*tties* -
Big Titties Anger Management
Block List Tales of Tacobella
Blue -
Bomb -
Bong -
Br!cks (Remix) -
Brandon The Rico Story
Buss RX
Cash Hoe Tales of Tacobella
Cheat Code Anger Management
Chickens Summer's Eve
Choppa In The Trunk Sugar Trap
Cocaine Women -
Cold Anger Management
Come Thru -
Cotton Candy Ricos Archives
Countin' Up Nasty
Cuffin Season -
Cuntk**a -
Damn Fool -
Dennis Rodman Life Of A Rockstar
Do What It Do The Rico Story
Doja Summer's Eve
Don't Tell Me sh**! -
Dripping Sugar Trap
Everything -
f** 420 Summer's Eve
First Time -
Forever* -
FRiENDZONE The Rico Story
Fym The Rico Story
G33K3R The Rico Story
Girl Crush -
Give It To Me -
Gleetchie Summer's Eve
Glo Bottles Tales of Tacobella
Grow Up Ricos Archives
Guap (LaLaLa) -
Hate -
Hatin Anger Management
Hey Arnold Sugar Trap
Hey Arnold (Remix) Life Of A Rockstar
High Heels -
HMP Sugar Trap
Hockey Nasty
How Ya Feel Ricos Archives
​iCarly The Rico Story
Ice Cream Nasty
Iggady (Remix) -
In the Air Nasty
Intro: Mary Jane Summer's Eve
Jawbreaker -
KalahDiss Summer's Eve
Keep Heat* -
Key Lime OG -
La La Land Outro -
Lala Nasty
Life Back Nasty
Life Of A Rockstar Life Of A Rockstar
LiLBiTcH -
Lude Summer's Eve
Mad At Me The Rico Story
Mad Rich -
Magic RX
Make Your Move* Life Of A Rockstar
Money* RX
Mood Anger Management
More -
Moves Life Of A Rockstar
Nasty World (Skit) Anger Management
Need It Sugar Trap
No Reason -
Once Upon A Time The Rico Story
Oreo Nasty
P.S.N. -
Pew Pew** -
Phone -
Poppin -
Pressing Me Nasty
R@nt // ☹ -
Rage Nasty
Relative Anger Management
Remember Me* -
Rojo -
Same Thing -
Sell Out Anger Management
Sheesh -
Show Me Your Love Ricos Archives
Smack A b**h (Remix) -
Spaceships -
Sugar Planez Sugar Trap
Sugar Trap Sugar Trap
Summer's Eve Summer's Eve
Summer's Eve Outro Summer's Eve
Switch Places Ricos Archives
Take Off (Freestyle) Summer's Eve
Taxes -
The Break Up -
The Rico Story The Rico Story
The Rico Story Intro The Rico Story
The Rico Story Outro The Rico Story
Throwed -
Till Summer's Eve
Transformer Nasty
Trap Phone Summer's Eve
Trust Issues Nasty
Wanna Do -
Wanna Know The Rico Story
Watch Me The Rico Story
What U Mean Remix (Gay) -
Whatcha Say -
White -
Why Oh Why Nasty
WiNSHiPS The Rico Story
Without You -
Wolfsbane -
Won't Change Nasty
Yella Summer's Eve