Rick Ross - One Blood (remix) lyrics

[Jim Jones Intro] Uh huh... Jones, Dipset... Byrdgang, b**h You know what it is When you see me two twelvin you homie You b**h n***az keep triple ninin, have some integrity, b**h [Jim Jones] BALLLLLIN' Peace blood, peace almighty We all thugs and we run the streets nightly And get my lawyer, why? Cause I ain't coppin' out And I f** wit b-boys who bring them choppers out One shot of that will have the boys bring the coppers out And we ballin, for all the toys is what we hoppin out My feary side, where we ride And we all fly high in the Leer G5's So, twist ya fingers up and bang, muf**a bang! Get ya money up, this cane is what we f**in slang! And a 9 trey is what I f**in' claim! It's Dipset Capo the Don of the Byrdgang! [Snoop Dogg] They call the D-O-Dub... wasn't really trippin cause 21, 20 crips and all of us is crippin, cuz We from a different street, all got that different heat But when we move the macs for Game, we on the same beat So if you f** with blood, then you f** wit us And we ain't bustin duds, watch out, cause we bustin slugs We sure to stay in touch and clean your mess up And if you from the West Coast, my n***a... w-w-w-w-WESTSIDE! [Nas] Game got at me about the remix, its an honor my n***a I made rap, one blood, that say I'm signin wit Jigga I got rappers gettin mad at me I got these new jack rappers tryin to clap at me I got these corny wannabe, diss-song kings on the radio Talkin bout how they gon spray, and take me away But I'm the true living, legend, I'm not to be questioned Have your whole hood holler sh** about my progression [T.I.] You knowin my attitude sh**ty, only a buck fifty So I keep the smitty's wit me, sh**, how many wit me? What, you scared? I'm prepared, in the MALL AND ALL! Wit two two's, you can call me QUICK DRAW McGRAW! b**h, I'ma cut that fool, better CALL THE LAW! I start sprayin, make f** n***a FALL AND CRAWL! I press play like Puff, no PAUSE AT ALL! Choppin holes in ALL THE WALLS, that's ALL THEY SAW! [The Game] Hip-Hop ain't dead, it just took a couple shots I bring it back to life, give it a couple shots The kings comin, no, I'm not Jay-Z Too many n***az hate me, but they scared to face me This ain't a movie dog, no, not Waist Deep I'm not an actor, but I'll show your b**h Big Meek She givin one blood, one love, on dubs 140 thousand the first week... UHHH! [Fat Joe] All these n***az wanna front trill with them stiff faces Till them n***az lyin still up in stiff cases Within styrofome... and embalmin fluid I been gone too long and I'm down to lose it Somebody go and get this n***a a pint box And I ain't just talkin about a measly nine shots Yeah I'm chopper happy and my wrist loose Call me Goldie, I'll smack your b**h too! [Lil' Wayne] 504 gangsta, New Orleans soldier Bangin underwater, f** around and soak ya Louisiana gunner, I'm bout my holster And if you gettin greasy, I'm an ulcer I'm bickin back, bein bool on the Eastside Or New Orleans where the bloods at the bee hive Ain't nothin sweet unless its presidential Cause that is where I sleep, now give me my key! [N.O.R.E.] New York get the blood money, dirty cash - still sweet We will black wall street by the swapmeet with heat Def Jam, they gonna flop him and Reggaeton ain't hot in The building no more... It's OKAY! I GET IT POPPIN! Back to the forest trees for deep, these little me's Who took believers an opportunity to breathe And you ain't gotta go overseas to see our rap sh** You can come to left, round Queens and get jacked quick [Jadakiss & Styles P] (One blood) we used to the spillin (Came from the hood) so we used to the k**in Used to the black males (makin cracksales in the buildin) (How else you get the benz) with the suede on the ceiling? (Blood in) blood out (me and homie) back to back (Both loaded workin) we about to pitch a (shut out) I'm New York's king, (I'm New York's hardest n***a) Anything in between's a (motherf**in' target, n***a) D-B-(L-O-)C-K, (he spray) The hawk'll find a nice home (right where your cheeks stay) We got a mean team, (Hip-Hop dream team) Them boys is only in the projects on (green screen) Yeah, no security, (I'll put you on the respirator) I'm the bomb, (I'm the mothaf**in detonator) One (dutch), one (bud), one (burner), one (slug) Want a couple casualties, but we'll settle for just (one blood) [Fabolous] WHAT IT LOOK LIKE? All I say at most Shooters waitin on the word... JUST SAY IT LOS! I let these n***az live, yes, I saw 'em pull the plug Havin goons pullin gloves, leave the room full of slugs Catch me trafficin, on maroon colored dubs Couple Africans, with balloons full of d** If they like me, tell 'em line up While I sit behind team, point 'em out like a line up [Juelz Santana] Mic check, one two, one two, check I'm strapped, you strapped, let's play two on two Let's go, you're eyein us in the iron bus, BOOM! Leak ya, two liters of red juice, hawaiian punch So what you boys gon do to me? I'm born street Your life's sweet, MTV's Laguna Beach (damn!) Mama told me not to play with fire but She never told me I would grow to be a liar [Rick Ross] One love to the gangs, but I'm in the thangs Save the colors for the cars, see we k** for the fame (Ross) The boss made it, yeah, we floss flagrant Shame how I lost your life savings up in Las Vegas (Ross) I'm a heavy better, I'm a heavy seller Keep white in the office call it Jerry Heller Lettin off a hundred rounds, let the barrel pick And we gon sit here, wait for the derrelics [Twista] b**h I got lords and gangstas, show me where them n***az at Chi got two six's and kings, show me where them k**as at Chi got them ballas and hustlers, show me where them figures at Game, where them triggers at? Aim at them fitted caps! He got the clips, I got the scope, let's get them choppers, n***a He got the kush, I got the dope, let's get it poppin, n***a Hurt him in that cherry six fo, sh** ain't no stoppin, n***a Hit him in the head and the body with a bullet When I put him in the cemetary then I gotta holler out! [Daz] WHATTUP CUZ?!?! [Kurupt] Yeah rollin with two grips Glock holdin on the hip, rollin wit two clips Got two tiny locos ready to take trips Shake and make trips, high stakes to take grips But they know what's crackin cuz, cause as we huddle They hold cards down, n***a, like spades and pinochle West coast gang bang, riders erasin em Got funny n***az raisin up and riders replacin em, cuz! [Daz Dillinger] Draped in blue, notorious gangsta crew RIP for n***az who don't stay true Deep down in the crevices, see the jets veteran Dwellin in the land of the gang bang with fleshin I'm legendary, yes, yes, a westcoaster Throwin up two C's, wit two guns in my holster I'm from Long Beach city, a crip next to Compton Down wit my n***a Game, if you n***az want problems From the streets to the suites, anywhere we can meet ?? to Compton, Slauson Swap Meet Worldwide, get swept away by the tide By G's, and BG's, O.G's, its time to RIIIIDE! [WC] Who the rider, looter through the gutter mayne? Trued up in them Carolina blue Hurricanes! From the westside, strivin to dead em Where them k**ers throw that third letter up Like Raymond Washington and Tookie Williams Blue jeans, blue strings, blowin blueberry green Cadillac on blue D's and a blue T Money thick as blue cheese, chunkin up the dub What the west be without Snoop and Dub C and one blood? [E-40] The Bay Area, f**ers, we pop em Open you up if you got a problem Up top, born in Cali-forn-ia Clean your clock, open your can of tuna Make a choice to see the hell or it's heaven Get your chest layed out wit the FM 57 This ain't nothin to do with nobody But in the Yay, there ain't nuttin to do but catch bodies [Bun B] I'm comin straight outta PAT, like Compton in all black But when we say what it do, they never say holla back Bun B, the uh, OG like '95 Air Max Neon green outta fight club off a fair facts Ask the hundreds, it's doable, I done done it At the summit of rap and I'm watchin you haters plummit Run to it or run from it, to Bun it don't differ Wipe the streets with ya like you a swiffer as a gifter, one blood! [Chamillionaire] I'm the realest youngster thats breathin, and I don't gotta give a reason Chamillionaire a millionaire, y'all competin to be competin! My purpose is to get the cheese and as a purpose that should defeatin So shut your mouth, have a seat and be quiet till I finish eatin My label tells me I'm greedy, hoggin all the room on your tv Like (Eric) they think its (Eazy), but it isnt easy believe me Need to make a room in B.E. television if you wanna be me Game said he made room for Jeezy, I had to make room for me, G! [Slim Thug] Its one blood if you blood or cuz From that number one thug, its still one love I rep my blue boy team but I do it for green I do it for my folks, vice lords and kings All us trappers, future rappers, standin out on the blocks Tryna get up out the hood mayne, and stack 'em a knot Put ya sets in the air, scream f** the cops! We gon rep for the hood mayne, like it or not! [Young Dro] My feed mashable, murders are catastrophical Cars is improbable, I'm overcomin obstacles Trappin, I made it logical, my topic is impossible I got a partner named Shoe Strang, cause shorty real crossable Shark meat to Papadough's, cars be tropical All guns choppable, all blocks are mobbable I am unstoppable, my calico is toxable Lyrically diabolical, cushion is not ?? [The Clipse] Red rum, red rum (such power in the tongue) Never in the wildest, (was he talkin to them) Style on n***az, (but feel it to the numb) Japanese thread, (brought flavor to these bums) Consider me the savior, (look what the lord gave ya) My celebrated presence (like the return of Rayful) Frolic in the snow, so playful (And revivin the track) like we flowin through jumper cables (What duo) you know (get XXL kudos) while coppin off Coolio (Cla**ic sh**) we mastered this, (left for dead) I'm back, (I'm Lazareth) [Ja Rule] sh**, one trip, one blood, LA, New York The Game, the Rule, one love, guns up Hands down, can't touch, the flow is a bit much The style, wanna keep up? I advise you to speed up With money movin like coke, these days gotta re-up G up, cop some heaters and dare a n***a to act up You see us, in dual seaters and throw it up! Its all hood, n***az rep your sets if your cuz or (blood) ...n***az, we all bleed! These n***az can't breathe Only because the guns are drawn and aimed to part n***az that got bullets with names on them! Want em, come get 'em n***az, y'all know where to get at me Look at me, now pa** me, maybe you can be half me You ba*tards, I'm laughin, bullets stickin in family Who sadly gets torn between one crip and one (blood) Y'all n***az know me, haha... yeah!