Rick Ross - I'm On 3.0 lyrics

[Intro: Trae tha Truth] They say three times the charm, huh? I got ya [Verse 1: Trae tha Truth] Yeah, all gas, fast, livin' like somethin' was speedin' Ashy to cla**y, now I bless 'em like someone who sneezin' I'm only here to give 'em pressure, b**h, picture me squeezin' Against the world like I was Pac, wasn't nobody believin' Nothin' deceivin', know the truth, what the f** you was needin'? Gather this evenin' for the one, reputation was steamin' Vision me gleamin' from the mud, ain't no point in you cleanin' I'm motivation for the ones who nobody was feedin' Automatic still give 'em the same kick Started the sideline, now I'm starrin' in game 6 Spit and make 'em replay it like they're stuck on the same disc Work, I give 'em new, never stretchin' the same brick Never the same chick, yeah I'm still on that same sh** Cop me a new spot, tryna see where the plane fits Picture me with a crown, next to that where my name sits Galaxy in the ceilin' just to show 'em what fame gets [Verse 2: T.I.] In the heart of the jungle walkin' through the fire You beat the charge if you show up with an alibi Runnin' wild in the city, no direction All we know is get that dough, run up the checks and I'm self-made, wasn't made for the military Get paid, dodge jail and the cemetery You better reach for the stars, take your best shot You let them haters k** your dream, your a** be a**ed out, forreal [Verse 3: Dave East] Fill a Backwood with three nicks V6, cut the coke, remix Squeeze clips if ever we hear that he snitched I'm allergic to broke n***as in the precinct Found out my man was hatin' and we ain't speak since Barney's, Nord's can't add up the paper we spent Tryna get drunk, I'm tokin', I got a P bent I touched a million, ain't sleep since, on defense [Verse 4: Tee Grizzley] Freedom got me feelin' like I flown up Out of prison, I ain't think that I was blowin' up Bunch of young rich n***as home, Rollies up Run up on us, watch how quick I'll lift the toaster up Money got me feelin' like you can't control us Servin', watchin' out for the patrollers We used to play the game, play on your controllers Seen n***as get k**ed, heart froze up Picked up them choppas, got to go and duck Shootin' everything up, it ain't no ho in us sh** ain't even last, free bro and them In Chicago I'm home, that's on foe and them Now I'm thinkin' right 'cause I see I can make it Started, fam strugglin', I couldn't take it You got it out the mud, I got it out the pavement I used to miss payments, got the title, dare you try to take it [Verse 5: Royce da 5'9"] Triple OG Never without vision or livin' goal-free Never writ it though I've been out gettin' this since '03 Every little red cent and every dividend Has been counted and acquired Been legit, legal and been with the code I'm colder than December in the winter cold Look, I've been out givin' canned goods and clothes To the children on 34th, real n***a, ugh [Verse 6: Curren$y] I could put you on like socks Put you on like my watch Put you on the block, you can get that off Put you on the right lot, you can get that coke Put you on like a fitted Put you on in my city Got the stars in the ceilin', that's the Wraith Got the top in the trunk, that's a don I could give it to a n***a either way 'cause I'm on, L [Chorus: D.R.A.M., Gary Clark, Jr., & Mark Morrison] I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, yeah [Verse 7: Snoop Dogg] Wakin' up, feelin' good, rollin' through the neighborhood Do or die, every day, I lead 'em in a different way I don't take no mess, get it off of my chest I'ma be dressed to impress, no stress, fresh Off the east side, Trae called me up and said "Unc I'ma need you on the b-side" So I came through, ah, mic checked, one-two, uh Gettin' real funky, kinda smell like manure Eight cars, eight stars Return of the mack with these hot eight bars Flip through it, dip through it This is the sh** that'll make you get to it Break down, give it up, pour it up Now drink it up, roll it up Light it up, how you feel, y'all? See you in high definition with a mothaf**in' real Dogg [Verse 8: Fabolous] And every day I'm on And if I wasn't, then why would I say I'm on? Get an M and get low, that's the Dre I'm on Get a B in blue, that's the Jay I'm on They on sidelines watchin' what play I'm on I call a audible, that's what a baller do They keep askin' me, is there more to do? Well ain't water wet? Well then it's more to get To my shorty's set, and his shorty's set This game ain't over, it's more quarters left I gotta rep my city, do it for the set I gotta talk my sh** until I'm short of breath 'Cause the world is full of n***as tryna off your on switch Tryna find a place that your coffin gon' fit Me and my n***as on some confidente sh** And we ain't really feelin' that off and on sh**, I'm on [Verse 9: Rick Ross] Maybach Music Chasin' paper, starin' out the casket Was a stunna 'til they froze all the a**ets k**ers at your neck 'til you cut a check You talkin' 'bout the money, n***a, where it's at? Cars for my dogs, do it for the cause Right back here tomorrow, n***a, inshallah Prayin' on my knees, do it for the keep Do it for the team, or I'ma let it be [Verse 10: Chamillionaire] Chamilitary mane They thought I was done, but really I ain't even stress it Just look at all the dough I got invested Two years and two billion dollar exits And now your relevance ain't lookin' that impressive (it ain't) So glad we ain't gotta chase relevance And I would like to thank the dead presidents For not livin' forever-ever, forever-ever For all of them that pa**ed, I've been gettin' paid ever since Be okay, still paid, still stackin' it We gon' stay, courtside, that's accurate We gon' take the White House and get back in it They tried to turn us in to the villains like Colin Kaepernick But it's okay, Gotham City needs savin' You'll fight back but I'ma shock 'em like Raiden I don't fold, I don't quit and don't cave in Your worst nightmare, Freddy Krueger, Wes Craven [Chorus: D.R.A.M., Gary Clark, Jr., & Mark Morrison] I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, yeah [Verse 11: G-Eazy] And I don't think he really needs any coachin' The weather's gettin' hot, Eazy Season approachin' Came up and everybody sees the devotion I put the work in, I cause a commotion Whenever I'm in public, modern-day Elvis Hoes at my shows wanted selfies Made it here and ain't nobody helped us Now I'm on a path to be great So they say, that's what everybody tells us [Verse 12: Styles P] Raised knee-deep in the dope game If I had two guns up then they was both aimed Saturday mornin', I'm watchin' Soul Train Eatin' leftover food, lo-mein Now I'm plant-based, couple juice bars I'm on now, I don't care if the stamp straight Told Trae I'm the truth like his name is Can show you what pain is, I'll tell you what game is, ghost [Chorus: D.R.A.M., Gary Clark, Jr., & Mark Morrison] I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on [Verse 13: E-40] Ayy Trae, let the councilor speak E-40! The best that ever did it and got away with it Let the councilor speak Not a septic tank, but I'm with the sh** On my coast, I'm the topic and the subject Where I'm from it's hella squeeze and heathens' guns bust I wish that TD Jakes would come and pray for us They pimpin', they flockin', they like to steal and rob Backdoor their loved ones, inside job That's why I stay with a stapler, a baby tomahawk Life or d**h situations in case I gotta pop I made a promise to the lord that I'ma keep it funky Never switched, never sell my soul for money I always been for right, maybe that's what's wrong Now I'm on like the most requested song Since a teen, I was doin' my thing, magazine On the 1300 block, we had a machine I had a quarter mil' at the age of 19 In the kitchin' cookin' birdies with no wings The best rappers come from the gravel, the slums Empty rack with spaghetti sauce jars rockin' up crumbs It ain't easy bein' on for 30 years to see the glitter and glamour But not the blood, sweat and tears I'm an old a** youngsta, bruh, I'm a vet Sick Wid It Records, sellin' ca**ettes before the internet I never made a mixtape in my life But one day I'ma do it for my fans, the people that saved my life I'm on [Chorus: D.R.A.M., Gary Clark, Jr., & Mark Morrison] I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on, yeah