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Rex Orange County - Cape Fear lyrics

[Verse 1: Cosmo Pyke]
I just met Fraser
Leaving at 11
And the bus gets later
Sussing out ways to make money, make paper
Brutal honesty makes a great man greater
Laying off the skunk
I smell cheese
Who's got a grater?
Can't get out of bed
Real talks I gotta wake up
Forced to stalk
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Cause' of lies that I made up
That's why I'm stuck smoking lies when my day's rough
That's why you gotta deconstruct before you make stuff
Or lose yourself before you find it
24 hours so tired can't lift a eyelid
Caught in the talons of talent
That's why they like this
Caught in the talons of talent
That's why they, time and time again
Sipping a Heineken
Looking at [?] again
Looking at how to fly George and Lenny and Mice and Men
Like George D'Zenny and [?]

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