Remy Ma - Wait A Minute (Verse) lyrics

I'm a Tims b**h got my boots on
Got the ex cons in the Yukon
I dont steal b**h I k** b**h
Bout to catch me a new charge
Same b**hes try to call me
That's how I knew yall was phony
I be putting that work taking 'em to church
Cause I leave 'em holy
Will I smoke this b**h? Yes
Probably fail my piss test
Get rid of those fake breasts
And put a vest on this b**h chest
It's lunch time, she food
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I'm Troy Ave with that tool
Both hands on it like noon
Remy Ma, I'm a goon
The city big, I'm state time
I'm snatching wigs like waistlines
Crack a b**h with my cellphone, really put her on Facetime
That ghostwriter bout to call her
That lifeline getting shorter
RIP Biggie Smalls, why the f** they ain't warn her?
I was cooking in the kitchen
I was minding my business
Now I gotta get gangsta
Cause these b**hes is haters

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