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[Verse 1] I never thought I'd be Driving through the country just to drive With only music and the clothes that I woke up in I never thought I'd need all this time alone it goes to show I had so much yet I had need for nothing but you [Hook] This is just therapy Let's call it what it is (Not what we were) With a d**h-grip on this life always transitioning This is just therapy Cause you won't take my calls and that makes God the only one who's left here listening To me [Verse 2] Letting it all sink in It's good to feel a sting now and again I hope it's one less woeful thing there is to fight through Forgetting it all again Fresh paper and a nice expensive pen The past cannot subtract a thing from what I might do for you Unless that's what I let it do [Hook] [Bridge] Loneliness and solitude are two things not to get confused Cause I spend my solitude with you I gather all the questions of the things I just can't straight And I answer them the way I guess you'd do [Hook]

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