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RedOne - Boom Boom lyrics

Feat : Daddy Yankee & French Montana & Dinah Jane Hansen

Baby you here tonight
Dimelo mundo
Montana, RedOne, Montana
Boom boo
Dame boom boom boom

Quiero ver que te pongan
Mas prendida que una bonda
Soy el fuego
Juro enfermo de amor
I know your body como mine
Soy el fuego que te da calor
Juro un enfermo de amor
I know you body como mine
I know your body

Time of your life
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Dimelo mundo
Boom boom boom boom
Dame boom boom boom yeha

Aint one two three four five
Oh sh** I'm going live
And showy said she's coming with me
Thats who she came to see
I got too many hoes so many so many hoes
I got so many hoes so many so many hoes

Baby you here tonight
On the spotlight
Turn this love take it way high-income
Well have the time of our lives

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