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RedOne - Be Remembered lyrics

Oh, oh, ooo
Be remembered

[Verse 1:]
Gotta show the world what you got
Pick a place, go head
Pick a spot
Waiting for your time to shine

Make it happen now
It's a long way
There to the top
Never see the top if you stop

Close your eyes
And roll the dice
For the finer things in life

Ay, ay
Don't you wait until it's top late
Don't wanna face that heartbreak
No one should have to feel that pain

If you're really looking
For a new day
Feel the rhythm of your body
Let the music

Act like ya want it
Live for the moment
Don't miss your chance to
Step up and be remembered

Enjoy the music
Get up and do it
Tonight's your night to

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Step up
And be remembered
Be Remembered [repeat 3x]

[Verse 2]
See the stars are all in a line
In your favor
I can see the light

See the fire in your eye
Don't you blink
It just might die

Motivate yourself and
Come with it
Be yourself and
Live for a minute
Hope you find a paradise
It's your destiny tonight

[Repeat pre-Chorus:]



This is your time
My time
Right to the end

We gonna shine
Gonna bless us for all time
And we gonna shine yourself forever

It is good to know
That we are moving on

There's the stress and struggle
But we are standing strong
Stand up and be remembered
Get up and be remembered

[Repeat Chorus 2x:]

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