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RedOne - Am I Dreaming lyrics

[Verse 1:]
See I met him on the beach
In the summer
It was hot
We were chilling in the island breeze

Then he whispered in my ear
"Mami, come on over here
Let me take you to your fantasy."

Should I stay or should I go?
`Cause I've been here before
Should I even up the flow?

Get back & let it go
`Cause in my head
I didn't think
That I can fall in love with you

And when we kissed under the moon
Am I dreaming?
He showed me things I never knew
Am I dreaming?

He know exactly what to do
Am I dreaming? [x2]

Am I...
Am I ..dreaming? [x2]

Yea, yea, yea, yea

[Verse 2:]
Got my heart up in this dance
What a beautiful man
That batchata
As we rock on the set

Put his hand over my hips
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Started looking at his lips
I'm the luckiest girl in the land

And I can't believe the way you
Got me feeling right
I don't wanna leave this place

Stay right by my side
But in my head
I never thought
I could fall in love with you

[Repeat Chorus:]

Wish we never left the floor
I don't know
Don't wanna be alone anymore

We have something measured out
I don't know
Are you real
Am I dreaming?

[Repeat 2x]
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh, oh
Eh oh
Eh, oh ah


[Repeat 2x]
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh, oh
Eh oh
Eh, oh ah

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