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Crown lyrics


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[Spoken word intro] Hey, hey you there - where's your crown? You didn't leave the house without your crown did you? Just as sure as the earth is round we bounce back up when they throw us down So don't forget your crown And hold your head high, like you caught a glimpse of God through the clouds and you stuck in awe Don't worry we got y'all Mind and body, body and mind, tell 'em homies The world is bigger than your street and mine and that colour and this And every shade of our skin is rich Knowing your future depends on our involvement So, block boys, block boys, it's in our hands more than Parliament The gun can k** or the gun can save, rather congratulate a stage than carry him to a grave That's responsibility, my brother's keeper, my sister's big sister Life full of lemons we just gotta add a little sugar to, to those sweet dreams You can be anything, go further than me, be better than him, climb higher than her And never ever let em knock your crown, that's my word All hands on deck Making queens and kings of all cards we delt Jamla, Roc Nation Let's go [Beat Change] [Verse] I lied to momma one time when I was eleven Riding in the car she told me something I won't forget "Truth 'gon chase the light no matter what night that you said it" It make me feel so low she peeled my feelings back like lettuce With no salad told me save all of the carriage for the ballads Now I'm dropping j**els as if we gave up on the marriage I know it's hard to handle we ain't came here in no carriage The hood is for the rain and where they throw us is the barracks Where we learn to master beats without a panther or a ferret It came out in the '80s same as me I was a baby And what I learned 'bout life is: Lord is sure is not the fairest If your skin ain't as fair as all the Beckys, Tiffanys, and Sarahs Black don't crack, Obama ain't flinch I sat inside that White House having conversations How boys turn to men if we show 'em more than the rims If they jumping high for the rims, ain't a goal that we cannot win I'm setting picks for you and them I hope you roll off Million black graduates, woo! Just go and show off Reaching out to everyone from the top to block y'all Eliminate pitchers we grew up with, what's the curve ball? I made something out of nothing, better out of worse Take care of your own I know I gotta do that first I know there's power in my time I know there's power in a verse Tell a kid good job and tell him go hard on the work You know the world you grew up in is very small compared to Earth It's the worst they lied and told you your limits on the future Y'all can brush it off though, came back around and groom ya Me, Alicia, Talib, Busta, everyone and you ya, agh! In life there ain't no rules, rule Whatever you dream you can do, do They tell me I'm a king! They tell me I'm a queen! In life there ain't no rules, rule Whatever you dream you can do, do They tell me I'm a king! They tell me I'm a queen!

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