Rapsody - The Man lyrics

The Man lyrics


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Part 1 [Hook: Heather Victoria] Cause he's... the man... [Verse 1: Rapsody (Heather Victoria)] Of the house since his dad left, wake up, days feeling stressed No stability, every year got a new address Never change the view from this window, he seeing mad arrest He saw his homie's d**h, same age, same story Questioned God, wonder why he would take a such young shorty It ain't even 8:40, already he thinking poorly But still he's the (maaaaan) His mom trust him now to lock the place down Feed his younger brother and sister, make sure they both lay down 'fore she home, can't be on the phone, gotta wake up early next morn' He don't have a lot of fun having to be so grown At night he pray the world just throw him a bone Tired and stressed His grades suffer now and they don't know about home So his teachers on his back again and don't own Foams Kids pick at him, now he feel he need those to belong Daydreaming 'bout a life living just like Puff Combs On his walk to the crib he always hear several blown Tryna think positive, but everything's wrong Why his daddy can't be at home and be the mutherf**ing (maaaaan)? Now he gotta a little plan He can sell a few rocks, maybe make a few grands Take his family and move 'em and expand 'em to better lands And be the motherf**in, and be the motherf**in (maaaaan) [Hook] [Verse 2: Rapsody] So he got money and stayed, but ain't get out Got a new whip now he pushing worth 50 thous' But his mom, brother, sister still living in public housing He the man though, gotta put food in all they mouths His dad skipped, now he's the one to provide they outfits They won't get picked on like he did, under the couch is A 9 Milli, he gotta protect the fam, silly Under circumstances he living to be the man really Dad dropped by out the blue, he said "damn, you ain't the (maaaaan)" Look what I did fam When you ain't bother I stepped up to be the man, man Now I'm the (maaaaan) Be out, yo, this my motherf**in' house See, I'm the (maaaaaaan) Around the way I don't respect ya You just clown to me, yo, I reject ya You gave me all this pressure, I wasn't even a freshman Since thirteen man, sh**, dawg, I been the (maaaaan) [Hook] [Verse 3: Rapsody] Now this street life got him running always thinking 'bout the (maaaan) And now he sets the scene of what he saw when he was ten Out the window while he sat thinking like (maaaaaan) I wish It could better, man I could be a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer talking evidence Or I could be your weather(maaan) I had dreams and plans, but gave it up to be the man, see When my father didn't bother, well, now I'm the (maaaan) [Hook] Part 2 [Verse 4: Rapsody] I pray to God you get it soon, I use Vidal Sa**oon to clear my head Shower and devour stress, I chose to wear a dress today I got small breasts, but I love me (but I love me) Do you love me? (Do you love me?) He says yes he does, I'm his everything I don't think love's in a wedding ring, it's a business And I hear both sides lose interest What's endless hasn't ended And I'm thinking damn, is this you and me one day? I don't wanna fade away (f-fade away, f-fade away, f-fade away...) Like a history, rock and roll, hip hop now but so soul Soul is what y'all singin' Long as they payin', to newborns just a day in Gotta make their life amazing Don't let the TV raise 'em, raise 'em, raise 'em Tell 'em how we black as ravens, ravens, yea But they hatin' and they shoot us When we march they call us looters Sitters, says "go get your rugers (get your rugers)" Yea, used to have a peaceful mindset But nowadays peace won't come and justice or a bomb threat Is how I feel, I need God to heal my heart How we s'possed to not fight back? Now we s'possed to not wage war? I pray to God you get it soon Another afternoon, different day same story More convos in our living rooms, huh, nah, we don't need Maury Yea, confirming all your lies It's hard to tell our babies they don't care about our lives Ask us why, they ask us why, why, why, why, why? They ask us why, why, why, why, why? [Outro: Children] "Why don't people like me because of my color?" "I don't understand" "Why am I different?" "Why doesn't my life matter?" "I'm just like you" "I'm no different" "I'm a good kid" "I like to play" "I like to hang with my friends" "Why is the world not in peace?" "Yes" "My dad said" "When I get bigger" "I have to be really careful" "Around police" "But why?" "I thought police help us" "I don't understand" "I don't understand" "Hello" "I just want to say hello"

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