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Ramengvrl - Makeup lyrics

VERSE 1 (Kay Oscar)

Dan dirimu, masih menari-nari di dalam anganku
Sesukamu,ku harap ini semua tak akan hanya
Di cover belaka merasa
Tak cukup, tak sanggup
Sinarmu tak akan redup
Your personality is some deep
Conspiracy My baby
Dont hide it though
Some people may
Want to love you more
Some people may want to
Listen tentang kisahmu ojo isin
Dunia memang panggung sandiwara
Tapi Bukan berarti kita harus berpura-pura
Menangislah saat kau tak tahan lagi
Tertawalah saat ku ada sini

Your Red lips and bold eyes
You gave me butterflies
You gave me something
And that things is invisible
That thing is precious
That thing is real
And you got it oh baby you got it
And you got it oh baby you got it

Makeup on
Makeup on
Makeup on
Makeup on

VERSE 2 (Ramengvrl)
Listen. Is you gonna be a good gal?
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Is he gon treat u right, target on sight
Is you gonna have a good time?

Who u gon be tonite, is u a freak?
Or u a meek? whatever girl, just make sure
That ur eyebrows on fleek, highlight on the cheek

It's not i dont want u to see the real me
It's just that i want u to see the best me
But bold or nah, bad or nah
U know im still fly, i still got u high

I ain't no Kendall, no Kylie
I ain't no Kendall, no Kylie
It's no biggie, know i still got it

Oh i think i just called u papi
U dont look surprised coz u like it
Im not here to add on some mileage
But do gimme some of ur knowledge

I know that might have came out wrong
U know i just wanna have fun
Jumpin on ur bed like pon pon
Afraid i might came out too strong

At first i was worried u'd hate me
Without all the stuff on my face —
But u said that u like me for me so
I might go bare on ur place

And u still admit that i slay
And u said to me girl…
Oh u got it oh baby u got it x2
U're beautiful with or without the

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