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Ramengvrl - I'm Da Man lyrics

Chillin' around with my gang
Smokin' sum green at Streight
If you cute i say hey
Straight or gay dont care
I never f** with ding dongs
Me and my boy loves ping pong
Ass so fat like king kong
Wait till i put my cray on

Welcome to my world
Please take any seat
View is f**in' awesome
Would u like a latte
And a piece of cake
Green is on the house
But you can't have it coz ur lame

Gimme all the d**
I got zero f**s
Lay down on the mattress
Do it like a mistress
Listen to my story
I ain't got no worry
b**h shoot me with her pompoms
I shoot back with a shot gun

Talk of the town, me and my boys we the talk of the town
k**in' these rappers like we Ku Klux Klan
They actin' stupid they funny they clown
b**h wear a gown
You dont know me so don't say nothin bout me
Gettin money and some bling like i should be
Throwin' stack stacks of em green like holy shiii~t
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I'm the man
I'm the i'm the man (sh** goddamn)
I'm the man
I'm the i'm the man
b**h get the f** off the balcony
I do not f** with no Bethanny
b**h get the f** off the balcony
U do not f** with my family

I might just be the best and i'll k** all the rest
I'm so tired of these b**hes i needed a rest
Rappers who can't keep their mouth should go under arrest
Boy you talk too much you should be arrested

k**in' since day one i finally dropped the bomb
Just coz they keep tellin' me that i can be nun'
Rappin' for fun but these people keep hittin' me
On the DM, they say they got a beat for me
Don't get me wrong like i'm super excited
(But i'm just a beginner)
Back when we started i'm not really in it
But now i'm too deep and i'm in it to win it

b**h always trynna get in my way tho
I don't want no shortcut but i walk fast tho
U might have a gun and some other mofos
But i got a lot of crazy dudes in my back tho
U can say anythin' on ur mind tho
But don't be mad when i got you off the game tho
Why the hell u f**boys movin slo-mo
s** a dude's dick just to buy some coco


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