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Ramengvrl - High School (demo) lyrics

/ VERSE 1 /
I want to live alone--coz i don't like home
But my parents think i can't live on my own
Coz my paycheck don't really live up to its numbers
And the ATM keeps showin' me numbers i don't prefer

They said, money ain't everythin'
So what's the point? sh**, that's the weird thing
Everybody's longing for peace, Martin Luther King
But seems like they're too busy doing Formspring

Hot spring, i haven't been there
But i've been to Japan, that's all i need to bare
At that time i thought i was quite happy with my life
It was just that one time, God lookin at me, “Am I right?”

Well, no regrets
I don't have any kind of security just yet
As a matter of fact i am still high on my debt
But i'm on to something here coz now i can say that

I've been having all my lessons, all that i need to know
People walk past the door, it ain't hard to see ‘em go
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All this time i'm livin', i've been too long in the low
Just like high school baby, everything looks crazy

Put that sh** down, let me ride it x4

/ VERSE 2 /
I'm still lookin' for a painless weekend
Without worrying bout how to make my meets end
Quality f**in' time only with my self
Coz my self's the only one who can understand myself

I have a problem with sleeping
I think i also have a problem with drinking
I need to force my brain just to keep thinking
Coz what i'm doin' wasn't very int'resting

I saw the cracks on my ceiling
I wonder is it the same with my feelings
Emotions overthrown, i got overboard
I should've kept my mind from leaking

Then imma need a good pipe, but let's be real
The repairman couldn't get it right for 3 more years
I should've listened to advice that people give
But only a few of them sounds sincere

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