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Ramengvrl - Alpha Girl lyrics

All i do is win, they just trynna complain
f**boys thinkin that we're motherf**in lame
Where my alpha girls at x3
I said where my alpha girls at

I got pom poms in my left, big buns in my head
Lip balms in my bag, hot sauce on my desk
Big palms when u trynna touch touch on my a**
Got a bad b**h gang if u trynna make a mess

Ramengvrl with a V, please type correctly
If i ain't got no V, that's problem for me
Im so humble, yo let's be friendly
I f** with gays, i'm lesbi-friendly

I like big boys who wear polo
If u ain't got one, here's a 4 dollar
If a guy ask you "can I f** you"
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Just say no, I better go solo

[Yow Ramengvrl, how are you?]
[Ewwwhh] Dude, dont u have cocks to blow?
Alien sick, that's my f**in flow
Zero dick, that's just how I roll

[HOOK] x2

We're not that impressed with your f**in dicks...
Sorry no can't do, we ain't double click…
You f**in with me, you f**in' with my clique…
You want me on your song? That's just f**in' sick…

Got a whole new money and I don't know what to spend it for!
Fresh of the pan, still rookie but already better than you boy!
Kamikamikaze coz i can't handle none of your bullsh** boy!
Instagram boys just wanna get laid but girls we're the ones who really get paid what's up


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