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Ramengvrl - Ain't Nice (Remix) lyrics

Dem girls be mad when there ain't nothin' wrong (b**h ain't nice!)
Dem attitude got you talking with a higher tone (b**h ain't nice!)
Ooohh~ gotta lotta sh** goin on (b**h ain't nice!)
Ooohh~ i swear i can't even stay calm (b**h ain't nice!)

Gettin f**ed up in my bedroom alone like i'm some kind of junkie
Peel some banana pota**ium sh** coz i just got the munchies
I seem to forget everything coz diz money all i had in mind
I'm workin all day even when i'm away i just forget the time
Yo b**h cray
I'm wearin' no makeup still slay
Got yo b**h lookin' at me!
Like i was her enemy!
--But don't get me wrong tho
Me is so good like a po po
I got nothin' on dem but these b**hes be snitchin when i'm good at something
Light me a cigar
Yo man serenade me with guitar
Caught myself pull up in his car
Ew--s**m in a jar
Why yo face so flap
Step aside, b**h you wack!
My lipcolor's always intact
I break yo f**in' neck like a kit kat

Turn up turn up in the f**in club like
Turn up turn up in the f**in benz like
Turn up turn up in the f**in car like
Turn up turn up ~

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b**h around me do that gossip like they t**ng (turn up)
Can you hear me loud and clear in this speakers? (turn up)
Bout to turn up, but, first let me do the mic check one time

I roll another big a** blunt When i come up with the flow like this one
Bout to ride slow with the whip, drive by with a strap
Brrp brrp with dat stick
Rich chigga bout to go hard on a monday
Ramen with sushi and sake my homie say "dil put that miso wasabi"

Friendship got bigger but foes coming at ya say danger
Like ross we unagi , huh
Can i Live?

b**hes be acting all nice to your face
But, they dirty talk about you in the back, like what the f** man?
That ain't nice
Make another one, bout to flow on another one
That's the motto; one done, then a next one
Hit em with another one, bang bang, boo
I got banana and a magazine too

Might have politicin cause they don't know how to party
Up in the congress smoking green, wilin out
But when it comes to price, this dick ain't free
It's hot, so i need to shade under money tree, what's up

Those b**hes acting up like they ain't nothin wrong, man
They be stealing your rhymes, smile on my face
But sh**ting on me behind my back, what you talking bout?

b**h i had it now, turn up cause it can't be low
As above, and so below
Boy i'm better now, tell em all what matter now

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