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Radical Face - Bad Blood lyrics

[Verse 1]
The hole in the floor boards
The cot near the front door
The moon was gone from sight
The world was dark as nightmares
You took all my fears and
You wrapped them in wonders
But there's no magic inside the moon
It's just a rock you can't reach

[Verse 2]
I was never the short knife
But I was never the dull mind
I was somewhere in between
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A thorn, an acquiescent
So you said it was for me
When you tried to break me
Well you can save your breath
I know, I'm not the kind you pray for

[Verse 3]
Took a river of bad blood
But now I see where we came from
Can't grow a proper branch when half the trunk is rotten
And you swore that it hurt you
While pushing your knife through
Well you can save your breath
I know, we're not the kind you'll pray for

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