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Rachel Bloom - It Was A Shitshow lyrics

I love you, yes
And I'll confess
The thought of staying is so enticing

[Rebecca (spoken)]
Then stay

And when you speak, my knees get weak
I can't believe what I'm sacrificing
But let's get real, we know the deal
So darling let's not tip-toe
This thing we had was not just bad, it was a shitshow

Wait, come on, it wasn't exactly -

Shh, let me finish

We can't undo, can't make amends
Dysfunction is our lingua franca
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We can't unscrew each other friends
We're Jerry Springer, not Casablanca
There's ‘hard to get', then there's neglect
To say it's fate, you'd have to be a bit slow
Not to be crass, but this sucked ass
This was a shitshow

Chernobyl next to us looks like a campfire
Hurricane Katrina was just bad weather
We have chemistry, of course, but that's a formula for divorce
A play about pieces of feces is what we are together


Oh, what the hell, let's get a hotel
Cause life is short and we're not getting any younger
But after sex, what happens next?
I mean in the long run, not just fatigue and hunger
And when you say that I should stay,
That's exactly when I should split
Though I won't forget, I won't regret
This beautiful, heart stopping, breathtaking, life-changing

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