R younker - Random love lyrics

That's enough,but don't let it end
coz if it end i barely know how to begain
we goona say goodbye
but don't goona forget eachothers
even we had a fight,still we are lovers
i hope when we met again
you will be still the same
and no changes in your surname
coz i am the one who goona change that
coz you are the best thing i ever had
i loved u like a blind
and u hurt me that's so unkind
i obey your every commend
you are still my best friend
we are in these moment it's hard to think
i had fall for you faster than eyes blink (instrumental) as you were rich girl spending your dad's money
all i want was a chance to prove
money can't really make u happy
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we had a relationship where to broke it
haters were easily allowed
lately it borked and i am ashamed
where haters are too proud
i had a love from heaven it was send
but it took no minute to get lost
like it came and went
now i am spending a night
in a low lights
thinking of you every nights
when i wonder,u will never goona love this poor boy
that time u gave me love
when i wonder,u will never goona leave me
that time u broke my heart
i wonder what kind of heart is yours
suddenly love appers and disappers
well i remember every single word u said
baby u do or not
i will love u till the d**h

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