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R IV r - Summer In LA lyrics

I've been filling in the gaps
I swear a n***a ain't tripping
What'd you thought? You caught a n***a slippin?
No way, it's too hot in LA
You ain't seeing icicles off the roof dripping
New convertible but my roof missing
Mind fully blown, black cat superstition
Been a long time since I wore true religions
Got that old team had to form new additions
Need a new addition
Multiple split tuition
With the 7 45, 7 series new edition
It's the good life
White boy but the hood type
Getting it connected like I'm Suge Knight
Take a jab to the left than a good right
Rolling round the corner in my limo made the hoes fight
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Maserati dreams, zoom zoom zoom
Like it's Halloween bags with a lot of green
Don't be mad at me
n***a be mad at you
n***a I've been putting in work
I've been going f**ing nuts like mad cashews
Funny little whip
Cause my jack black hoop
Had a black mac book
And a jag black too
Money on the line what an abstract yout
Got him moving in the cage like lab rat do
That's cool
But it ain't that
Can we draw a little picture? imma paint that
I'm the same little n***a from the corner store
Taking out the neighbors trash, going door to door
I've been eatin real rich n***a smorgasbords, n***a smorgasbords

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