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R. Dean Taylor - Back Street lyrics

Aww, we were so much in love
She was all I thought of
But she met someone
who said, 'I love you, hon'
It was too late

He left her to cradle
The shame and the blame
A child with no name
No name!

In the spring we were gonna be married (gonna be married!)
She was my world everything in my life
But she ran and hid from the wrong that she'd done
In a dark back street slum

Back street!
Her own folks disowned her

Back street!
Her friends all scorned her

Back street! Back street girl!
Lying scared and alone

Back street!
she met all the wrong kind

Back street!
the ghettos poisoned her young mind.

Eighteen years old
In the room dark and cold
She sings lullabies
As a small baby cries
Scorned and alone

She missed her friends
and her mom and her dad
The good home she had (The good home she had!)

She had to fight to survive (fight to survive!)
Give up her pride to keep her baby alive
So she sold her love to those who would call
Up the stairs down the hall

Back street!
She felt the good in her dying

Back street!
She grew bitter from crying

Back street! Back street girl!
Lying scared and alone

Back street!
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Yeah and what it did to her (?)

Back street!
She lived like a rat in a sewer

A knock in the night
no one in sight
There at my feet
in the snow cold and deep cried
Her small baby son

Tear-stained the note
that she left on my door
'Love, please make him yours.'

Somewhere she walks the night
wrapped in dreams now never to be
Yesterday we held the world in our hands
world apart now we stand

Back street!
it was dawn when they found her

Back street!
I placed some flowers around her

Back street! Back street girl!
I never felt so alone

Back street!
As I stand here above her

Back street!
I know deep inside I still love her

Oh I think of those good times (Back street livin aint easy!)
When we laughed in the sunshine (Back street livin aint easy!)
All those plans that we made then (Back street livin aint easy!)
Life was so good then... (Back street livin aint easy!)

She will forever be deep in the heart and the soul of me

Back street!
If I'd only forgave her

Back street!
My love could have saved her

Back street! Back street girl!
She was scared and alone

So hard living on the backstreet!
Back street livin aint easy!
Back street girl! Ooh!

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