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R-Ciedge - Kwedini lyrics

Feat : Mello

[Hook: Mello]
Ay Jonga Kwedin (wooh-wooh)
Sund'thatha phantsi sunjonga and'suki Wisill
I might just pull ndinga jimi
Ay suthetha gqhith (wooh-wooh)
If ndingathanda ndingaza ndicim'imission
vili liphinde lijik
Ay whoa!
I might just pull with the team
I might take over your show n keep drowning your glow like monitor rim
Ay yeh
might put an ice in that lean
They say I'm savage when I'm rapping standard buh I ain't that really be keen

[Verse1: R-Ciedge]
Kwedin Suka, This is a place for the legends with armors, asfun'imagwala la
Hop in a coupé, pull out the drive way so f** all this fame but my n***as gon pay
State of guluva, starts as a dream with a mind of a hustler I bet you gon hate
Rip all this pain, 7784 flame of ikasi that's where you got fame like you were in Zimbali
Stuff all these n***as awndazi ndingbani
What more can I say, I'm in for the fame
Description on pages ,no lame hoes on payroll
Attention all haters, stop blocking my way
Ain't koppel with rappers who claim to be kinging, hai suka sudlala go learn to behave
Change the keys it's pain I can relate
Set the bar high ENVY spiting rare rhymes
We came with an angle ebhid'abadala
No wonder sbashiya bebabongezantsi
The story continues now listen ntangam
I started this road short a while ago
With some sh**ty bros, I still made it though
My n***as and I we still hold it down
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Rejections gave punches I can't deny
Buh we doing fine
{Bro I had it typa way
Take a backseat I'll lead the way}×2


[Verse2: Mello]
Ay Jonga Kwedin
Uhm fxcken depressed n u calling me cheat?(whoo!)
I got ma lanes on switch(haibo!)
Put out ma flame ain't no shxt(yah!)
That ain't be happening while uhm in this
Boarding with n***as who seek to defeat
Long with ma hommies we bond on the street
f** if its wrong coz uhm gone to ma grids(yeah yah!)
Trapping uhm rapping for haters who thought I was fluking ma sh** I was fluking ma hits
People are hating they faking to make it buh I can do nothing to change em on it
I can do nothing to change how they think
Buh I can do something to make them redeem
I can portray all the nonsense they just finna receive,all they just wanna believe
Bad D's the major to f** it up with
He told em not to go mess with the kids
No wonder he just couldn't let juju win
A critical psycho my n******gly twin
Would you believe that I'm Trigga'ly inspired?
Mantombini on the streets Gumba Fire
I'm like a Buddha or rapping Messiah
I'm like Dee koala without a vagina
{Eyyy...yah..say..Kwedin, Eyyy...whoa!..eyyy..Kwedin}×2


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