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R. Brown - Tame As It Ever Was lyrics

Due to certain circumstances I be taking chances
I prove it to the ma**es with a pa**ion, I do it for the action
I confuse the psycho-analyticals with lyrical material
Imperial raps up in your stereos, here we go!
Another blackout recorded locally
Totally but this is how it's all supposed to be
Antisocially is how I'm living, f** a vibe!
You a nice guy? You finish last and i'm the drive by
From a wiseguy, goodfella far from fugazi
A problem with yo sh**, f** you pay me
Lately I've been overdue for ducats
And its time to pay the piper
f** a cipher, n***as jus wanna bite and steal
Your lighter
I'm too hyper for most, not the one for playing close
I got jokes plus I'm easily provoked
I'm not one for cheesin' for no reason like some
Chickenhead n' reefer (?)
I concentrate on what comes out the speakers

1st Hook: (Sampled)
('My motto is 'f** you dont follow'
'We leave you toothless'
'I'm just anxious to whoop some a**'
'We leave you toothless'
'It's been a long two years and I've never lost'
'Sit down and shut up!'
'It seems to me we're up against an enemy capable
Of striking out of nowhere...')

Some said I was mental a bit
Because I represent under influences
I love to numb my senses and
Drugged up enough I tear the club up
Rolling buds up until the sun's up
Burning blunts up, still not giving one f**
Who I might offend every now and then
Depending on the kind of mood i'm in
I dont talk much and plus i still dont even f** with such and such, but if you see him on the low then say what's up (damn)
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I'm dealing with me and mines, no time for anti-Tame rhymes
Player haters fake shine and hate mine
It takes time to listen to a brother like me
To understand my master plan and my philosophy
- marking property, there ain't no stomping me
Police be Clocking me
Toys wanna rock with me, Your boys wanna rock with me
Taking space odysseys, same as it ever was
I do it for the buzz and not the hype cuz

2nd Hook: (Sampled)
('My motto is 'f** you dont follow'
'We leave you toothless'
'Tame One'
'Fresher than a virgin in a 'fridgerator'
'We leave you toothless'
'f**ing with me'
'Let the toys bring the noise me and my boys are gonna diss'
'You asked for it. Okay you want it? You get it.')

There's no comparison, battling me is too embarra**ing
You want a hook? I'll hit you with three of 'em to your abdomen
Jab you with the dukes out
Swiss cheesing emcees in threes
Please believe i got some tricks up the sleeves
A buck fifty, anybody out that f**s with me
Blacking out in public til the angel dust hit me
What others won't Tame One will
I dump pills and i dumb out
Only after the weed and liquor run out
On triple dipped acid from the BX
And three X pills
I overdo it on some wet-up sensemill
My brain on d** makes it kinda hard to focus
If you heard this rap before, then act like you ain't noticed
I'm too wasted seeing the world through slits
And I'm all f**ed up like politics in rap music
And when I sober up I roll another package
Still chasing the high till they put me in straight jackets

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