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R. Anna Powers - You Were Tired lyrics

It isn't me, that's what you say
and you're right
Except about the wrong thing
It isn't me that you want,
You want perfection,
a fantasy that I will never be

We both tried
For a while we made it look good
I can still see us
Smoking cigarettes,
talking about the people we used to be

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I remember the last night
I couldn't sleep, but you were tired
We fell asleep thinking that we still had time
Time to say the things we really meant
to clean up this mess before things were lost
We thought there would still be time for love sometime later
After all we were still young,
clinging to each other like children

That night you were tired
And when we awoke the time was gone, wasted
Lost in a collection of blurry memories,
Anticipation and disappointment.

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