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R. Anna Powers - Unresolved lyrics

She stands.
At the edge of greatness,
at the edge of ruin,
at the precipice of nothingness
Sick of the inertia,
wishing she could jump
just for a change from standing

But she stands out of fear.
Undaunted by her hate of everything around her,
unmoved by her despair,
aching with the fear of growing older every agonizing second
Hating herself for fearing the failure
Hating this life for not giving her a chance to choose
Or maybe hating that she has to choose too much
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She stands,
Not with strength and pride and dignity,
but with fear and quaking joints
She stands with the uneasy knowledge that no choice she makes will be right
She stands in jeopardy of losing everything to gain a life best left unlived
She stands in anger of everything that has brought her here
and contempt of everything that keeps her
She stands in bitter indecision within herself
She stands in the eye of a raging storm that began as a spring dew but now she can't stop it
She stands because she's scared to fall and can't go back
Uselessly the tears of frustration form rivulets on her cheeks
but they do little to dull the pain
A hateful wind blows cold
and she stands screaming to the heavens in misplaced rage
Fighting back the moment when all she can do,
is try.

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