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R. Anna Powers - My Pretty lyrics

My body tells the story
of the life that I have lived
Each decision I have made
Etched upon my skin in thin white lines
All but the one made for me
still red and shiny, as though it may burst open at any moment
I am made ugly by my ugly past
Made beautiful only in the eyes that look upon me
But not yours, never yours
My beauty is in my survival
But that's not enough for you
You want innocence, purity, a blank slate
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the girl who always took the right path, made the right choice
who thinks before she speaks, before she acts, before she jumps
Well that will never be me
I bought my breath one minute at a time
Paid for it with bruises and scars
Paid dearly
Your little ones may be pretty to look at
but they shatter like gla**
While I just bruise and move on
I will never be their kind of pretty
My pretty is like a sad song,
with lyrics that make you cry
and a haunting melody.

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