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R. Alexander - DRoPA lyrics

Someone Told Me Give All The Glory To God Designed To Be The Re Defined Allah Or What You Want To Be The God Inside I Just Know I Want To Meet A Lord To Tell Me What I Need To Know For Yall Never Need The Key To Dropa I Just Need To Be The Dropa Pick It Up Then ILL Let You See Him Drop It Then ILL Let You See Them Concur

Loathing And Fear Like In Vegas Yall n***as Impersonators All Of My n***as Are Dangerous My Momma Told Me Never Talk To Strangers Even Though We Are The Strangest Yall n***as Could Never Change Us I've Been Growing In A Manger Hoping These Wise Men Can Retain Us
Scoping Through The Economics Sloping The View Just To Direct The Comments Know It's You The Next To Come In Bum Rushing n***as Shoulda Left The Function n***as Wanted To Debunk Him Giving Him Nothing But The Dumb Assumptions When It Came To The Luggage I've Been Just Trying To Maintain My Rough sh**
Wrote At Night Keep My Mind Tight Coldest Nights Keep My Grind Right Even Though I Don't Love The Game I'm A Still See The Lime Light Even Though I'm An
Orange Man I'ma Still Keep Lime Ripe Living South Of The Border Ima Still Keep The Lines Tight

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When I Speak Gods Heat Yall Sleep Don't Peep ILL Forget That When I Sleep Yall Speak On Me Don't Think ILL Forget That What I See Is All Me All Heat Don't Think Ima Get Back Ima Be All G All Week All Free Don't Yall Get That

Gracious They Mad At The Sk**s That Made Up The Man With The Ma**es Appeal Saved Up Grams Just To Match With The Real Made A Plan To Be Rachet As Steel Say What You Can But Can't Say What Is Real I Made Back From The Ancient Revealed Sacred Entrapment Encased In A Shield That Means Its Backwards Detained In A Field Never Mean That But They Say Its The Deal

I've Been The Man And The Beast Erased From The History Of What Is Real Never Really Seen Our Side Of The Story So I Could Give A f** About How You Feel
n***as Don't Even Believe In The Glory They Would Rather See You Rot In A Cell
Never Need To Be The One To Be Lenient Rather Be The Other One To Bring Hell n***as Never Need It Gotta Get It On Gotta Get It All All By Myself n***as Destinies All Set In Stone Our Wealth Alone Goes To The Best Especially This Recipe This Destiny Is For The Best n***as Next To Me Ain't Next To Me It's Just A Me It's For The Best #Sheesh

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