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Queen Key - Senile lyrics

Told that b**h n***a you ain't on sh** boy
I got mo balls than yo dick boy
Snap ya f**ing neck like a f**ing stick boy
How you talking sh** but you smell like walking sh** boy
n***as on that stalking sh** now
He got a big a** mouth I got a big crown
Say Queen sh** on that b**h and it's a hit now
All these n***as acting like they got a dick now
I can never be a dumb hoe you know me finesse a n***a like it's natural
sh** b**hes getting finesse too
He eat me out gotta bounce then text you
And you let that n***a stress you
You need to come to camp Queen let me bless you
Cause a couple hoes finna be the next two
You hoes fighting over dick you f**ing mess you
b**h you better get with it
Put it on his face b**h put it on his dick
If I let him hit it I know he won't forget it
I put n***as in they feeling turn they a** to lil b**hes
Only myself I can match
Ion want the b**h if the b**h too sap
Ion want the b**h if the sh** ain't a challenge
Ma**age my back and put chips on my sandwich n***a
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They like b**h you go nuts
Yea I'm inspired by giving no f**s
Everywhere I go they b**h finna go up
I know he tryna make me f** but his dick all in my butt
b**h try again if he think I compete then b**h I'll win
Hoe tried to hit my blunt b**h where's ya bands
This is not one of them b**h where's the f** is ya mans
b**hes irritating intimated if she say she ain't a fan b**h hating or she faking
I don't got no f**ing time to be beefing or be caking
I'm so high in this b**h I finally think that I'm jamaician
sh** I can't see now sh** I think I'm chinese now
sh** I got a chinese smile
If I'm drunk I'ma text him like "Need Now"
On some ole freaky sh** he's my favorite cause he got a freaky dick
I can't be with that hoe cause he a sneaky b**h
But he eat me like seriously he a geeky b**h
Came up in that b**h straight reeking b**h
Any b**h wanna tweak then we tweaking b**h
Got a n***a that'll leave a n***a sinking b**h
And I thought what the f** you was thinking b**h
What you see now?
What the f** you can't see now ?
Shouldn't f** with me now
Your whole family in the church gotta sing now

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