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Queen Key - Queen sh** Part 2 lyrics

Queen sh** b**h You Know I had to f**ing go crazy again

I don't give a f**, b**h I got my mind made up
Doing me f** a slut, b**h mad tell that b**h beat me up
b**h know I don't respect sh**, don't give a f** about that n***a he just neck sh**
You do what you want when you poppin' n***as love you
You don't even got to s** sh**
b**h I been T'd
Hoes talking sh** like them hoes don't bleed if you trynna be heard b**h you won't succeed
I ain't listening to sh** b**h I'm smoking weed
f** your life b**h I'm greedy
Get my way cause that's queen sh** I need It
b**h say I'm conceited
I know you got a crush sh** vibes ain't deceiving
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Taxing on n***as for a feature
Attitude off the motherf**ing meters
Can take your n***a in a f**ing wife beater
b**h tweaking I'mma have to f**ing beat her
Queen sh** while some n***as on some leashes
Spanish eater he a freakin' Puerto Rican
19 and a b**h be motherf**ing preaching
Cut some dumb n***as off cause they was motherf**ing leaching
I do what I want cause I can
Taking b**hes fans f** a man
I ain't sliding to your sh** f** your brand
And the loud smell like piss in a can
f** that b**h boy I'm Marcia She Jan
Get cut off for some sh** I can't stand
We the wiz need that sh** in my hand
I'm all about the money f** a friend

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