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Queen Key - Exposed lyrics

Expose a f** n***a
Queen key I'm what's f**ing up n***a
You already know I'm with Dro
I don't f** with these hoes all they know is f** n***as
b**h you wanna get money on f** n***as
We the sh** you can look can't touch n***a
If I touch him I can make him blush n***a
Say he single but he could be her n***a
I'm on a whole nother level already know thats a whole nother devil
I ain't worried bout it I'm a whole nother rebel
Giving a f** never been on a schedule
You on my dick like you received a medal
I know my worth b**h I will never settle
Gas in this b**h and my foot on the pedal
I been real b**h I still eat fruity pebbles
n***a made me mad so I told his a** bye
Face always in my p**y so we don't see eye to eye
Every b**h with fly we baked as a pie
Only time I'ma cry when I want a b**h to die
I don't care n***a I be getting high
I'm too god damn lazy to reply
I just need a n***a f**ing with me
Thats gone ride f**ing all types of ways front back to the side
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And you might get licked if you mad
For the goofy hoes I ain't got no time
Hoes nosey that's why they ain't got no blinds
Step up in this motherf**er and I shine
Hoes hating cause they on they bottom dime
b**h say it to my face I don't hear a chirp or chime
Who the f** I make angry today
I don't know but I know they a** can get hanged
n***as b**hes they angry these days
Whole time in denial cause they a** getting banged
Expose these f** n***as (expose these f** n***as)
Expose these hate these hoes but I love my bros dick in the butt n***as
b**h you ain't got great p**y
You ain't got that instantly get ate p**y
b**h you ain't got late p**y
You ain't got that make a real n***a go ape p**y
But I ain't worried about a p**y
I'm just worried about the money so ayee book me
Every b**h with me pretty as a ditty and I'm working on my a**
But I got some nice titties
Hoe don't hit my line if you looking for some pitty b**h
I got a cold heart I'll leave a n***a sh**ty
Hoe don't hit my line if you looking for some pitty b**h
I got a cold heart I'll leave a n***a sh**ty

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