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Queen Key - Drip From My Walk Freestyle lyrics

If I f** his lip he gone stalk me
All that Queen sh** I be talking
I give no f** if I'm in this alone I'm secure by myself I'm involving
You dirty lil b**h you can't call me
Yo n***a too broke he like sorry
Attractive a** hoe tryna give me his work and you b**hes cause I'm dripping no walking
All of my b**hes be off it getting that earth like a walrus
n***a is hurt cause he all in I can't make no promise I'm ballin
b**h don't get offended we talking I just got a hoe up in Austin
When I call all eaters yo motherf**in' n***a was first on my motherf**in' call list
b**hes is sad and they angry when I f** his face
I do the hokey pokey but b**h on you I hanky panky
I don't f** with b**hes that's janky
I fired that hoe like she Frankie
These hoes wanna k** me but b**h I don't care I'm the Queen and my attitude stanky
I gotta address that sh** until these stupid motherf**ers get that sh**
Can't no b**h do sh** like me
I'ma whole trendsetter b**h get like me
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f** sitting with hoes can't sit with me
How you hate Queen Key but yo b**h like me
Really love my b**hes cause they sick like me
When I'm done how come can't nobody quit like me
Don't no b**h exist like me
He be tweaking but he love me in the morning cause can't nobody cook them grits like me
Respect my wishes cause a b**h might see straight black
Don't nobody throw a fit like me
I don't give a f** if a b**h like me
I'ma wild a** b**h on a b**h I'll pee
I got a b**h that be stalking
I got a n***a be stalking
All of my n***as be stalking
All of these b**hes be stalking
Bad b**hes with me often
We don't give no f**s we bossing ain't no money we ain't talking
b**h we too pretty for loses (x4)
Be we be dripping no walking

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