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Queen Key - Cut It (Freestyle) lyrics

Queen sh**, b**h!
I think b**hes in love
b**hes is definitely in love, but b**hes, you know they act like they don't like me
But b**hes is definitely in f**ing love

If I gave a f** I probably be in hell or in jail
But I ain't
Cause b**hes ain't on sh** never have been and they never will
Every b**h I see on dick, if a hoe upset, sh** I can't tell
Ain't no competition b**hes takin' L's after L's, b**h
b**h cut that sh** like some pizza
All these lil b**hes Felishas, treat a lil b**h like I'm Keisha
Mad cause she can't get a feature
Baked as a pie smoking reefa
With my Camela amigas, stick together like the cheetahs
All the realest n***as need us
I don't need it
If that b**h a bad dog, I don't feed it
Hoes feelin' sh**ty constipated, I'm conceited
Act like your head itch, b**h, beat it (b**h, beat it)
b**hes can't compete where they do not compare
All these ugly hoes against me, am I 'posed to f**in care? (b**h, where)
Nah, for real b**h, where
Ain't sh** hot about them b**hes but that p**y that they share
If you lookin' for me b**h I'm literally everywhere
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Hoes mad but they scary, blow a kiss at every stare
b**h I've been being too nice
I literally give b**hes life
These b**hes they all want my life
My old n***a new b**h so trife
My new n***a call me his wife, I ride on his dick like a bike
I know he in love with the site, I know that I jump on it right
b**h I'm winning, b**h I won
I had hoes on my dick before this rap sh** begun
Ima make it and all that
But still this rap sh** is fun
n***as money don't impress me, b**h I'm attracted to guns, b**h!
And I'm attracted to my funds, why that b**h lookin' like she attracted my buns?
b**h I gotta make some runs
Cut that fake sh**, n***as cover sh** up like they nuns
Cut it you b**h you is ugly, is you a human or monkey?
Hoes kiss my a** cause my donkey
All of you b**hes are fugly
Smokin' on dough like a junky
b**hes could hate, but can't touch me
(Can't touch me b**h)

Period, muthaf**as need to cut it out
Every f**in' body
Cut it and shut it the f** down
Cut it out, shut it down

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