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Queen Key - Computers (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1]
All these n***as walking 'round like they is with it
Boy you is a b**h boy you be in your feelings
Acting like a gangsta but be telling business
f**ing eater don't f** me but slurping all my children
I'm in this b**h I'm with my b**hes
We all been pretty taking n***as
Them b**hes mad them b**hes livid
Don't give no f** them hoes can get it
Your hoe on me b**h why you tripping?
These hoes be tweaking keep it pimping
b**h take advantage b**h we living
Hoes be too lame f** with these b**hes from a distance

I just got some head and some pasta now I'm cooling doing my thing queen rasta

[Verse 2]
They like queen key where you come from ?
b**h a new world
They think I'm scared But b**h I love being a new girl
My b**h told me that b**h staring I'm like who girl?
Soon as I mug her she like girl I love your loose curls
Hoes be faking friendly cause they know I'm looney
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If she don't like me that b**h gay trust me she want to do me
And boy I peeped yo hoe all them b**hes booty
Me and my b**hes in a party boy that b**h is jukin'
AYE! And we can get into it if you want to do it AYE!
And all my b**hes lose it when it's time to lose it
AYE! And we don't want you n***as all my b**hes choosing Aye!
And b**h I don't do movies tell that b**h to move it AYE!
Young b**h got juice everything I say be the motherf**ing truth
Young b**h get loose
Hit a Lic On a n***a then spend it in the booth
Young b**h with a clue don't f** with sh** that seem like it's fu
Young b**h get chewed then kick a n***a out b**h watch my booth
Hoes be f**ing n***as that I send off queen sh** I'm going crazy feel like Rick Ross [Ahhh]
I don't give no f** bout sh** b**h I am glowing
Mad at me cause I get money without hoeing
He post yo pic b**h don't be fooled b**h he is going
He ate my b**h out and ya'll married I was rolling
I don't got no filter for no f**ing goofies
Tell that b**h go get some loud bring back some f**ing fruties
All my hoes listen follow f**ing duties
All these f**ing n***as crushing looking f**ing googly
He say I'm a dog sh** call me Spike
f**ing singing b**hes up sh** call me Ike

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