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Queen Key - Rappers R Cappers lyrics

Queen Key:


I don't f** with no rip rappin' b**hes
These hoes want features
They wanna be friends
Wanna give my p**y some kisses
You just want the p**y
You don't want sh** else
You don't want the wealth
You don't want the help
You don't wanna do it for self
You just wanna do it my belt
I know how it feel
And I know how it felt
To be all alone
Be in my zone
Be in my phone
Leave me alone
Need it alone
f** going home
b**h I'm finna be on
Felt that sh** in my bones
Mama was wrong
But f** it, forgive her
If she need it, we gone
b**h, stop it
Failure not an option
I just took a b**h n***a
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He just took me shoppin'
Next I need an island
Take a b**h to Thailand
p**y so good
He moanin', I'm silent
I don't let nobody alter my songs
You could offer yo' dome
Offer yo' chrome
They gone offer a clone
b**h I need me a Rome
b**h I need me a city
s** my titties
f** it, I'm pretty
Yo' hoe silly
b**hes sh**ty
Cause they ain't f**in' with me
I do not f** with no rappers
Rappers are cappers
Cappin' a** rappers
Cappin' a** rappers
Rappers are cappers
These cappers are rappers
I-I-I do not f** with no rappers
(Rappers are cappers
Cappers are rappers
b**h tweakin'
Ima slap her
Cappers are
Cappers are
Cappers are rappers
Rappers are cappers)

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