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Queen Key - OOOUUU REMIX lyrics

Queen sh** b**h
Get the money b**h
Get the money b**h
[?] hoe naw
Where the f** is everybody at
Mama Kay son at it again

Only k's them hoes get is a text
Waiting for me to do this beat like n***as wait on s**
And I will f** you better than yo ex
But f** yo ex I blow a O and a f**ing check
This ain't no act so I don't gotta do no extra sh**
f** that b**h he unnecessary extra b**h
They say they real but they in denial
I ain't gone speak about a lot
You couldn't walk a mile
I'm the topic b**h stop it
If I drop it b**hes gone cop it
If I tell him then he gone pop it
My exes still eat my p**y they be lip locking
Big topic b**h I'm big popping
So I ain't trying save no hoe I don't be lip locking
I ain't trying to take yo hoe but he be dick jocking
n***as jealous than a hoe and they be dick cocking
Get the money sis solely
These motherf**ers super broke they not yo homies
And I'm not f**ing with them n***as they can't own me
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I separate from the fake and it got lonely
Touch you more than yo mama
So I don't care about no motherf**ing drama
And I deserve all that I did it is my karma
I think I'm gloing like a motherf**ing [?]
Got a vision that I can't tell
Got a soul that I can't sell
They say if I want parts I gotta go pale
Told they a** s** a dick and they can go to hell
That's how you know it's real
Ion give no f** about no f**in deal
b**h I am the f**in deal
Ask any of my n***as
Shorty I'm the healer
Never met a b**h realer
You know everybody tryna steal her
But I'm like baby if I with you no one can get near us
But he ain't trying hear that sh** because he know the real one
b**h I'm too honest so he hooked on key like he hooked on phonics
b**h looked so onyx
b**h took some wallets
Made a mark like a beast did
These other rap b**hes cool but they ain't me b**h
They don't be on that Team Queen sh** Queen Key sh**
Key is Queen b**h

Get the money by ya lonely
I'm tryna tell you none of these n***as ya homies
Get the money by ya lonely
I'm tryna tell you none of these n***as ya homies

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