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Queen Key - More Than Money lyrics

Queen sh** b**h

This sh** to easy
I can't never stop cause these b**hes need me
I be making hits put me on the TV
All I need is a blunt and a fiji I'm the f**ing Queen Key
Don't betray me if you f**ing need me
I'm too real so I'm often leaving
Money call I'm leaving
f** me right I'm screaming
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Angelic demon hell when I'm dreaming
n***a I will not ever fall y'all not on sh** at all
Y'all will not risk it all y'all will folded under pressure
f**ing up the message f**ing up the blessings
Now our mama stressing cause we f**ing reckless
I did learn some lessons these are my confessions
I'm f**ing weapon profit and oppressive
b**h I'ma real one I don't fear em
Get head with heels on
You know me it's a no chill zone
Yo b**h wouldn't even ride with the wheels on
That's why I can't even cry when they k** some
It's too many fake motherf**ers swear to god I can't feel em

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